Conquer Game Calls started with two simple guys that love to hunt. We have used just about every call on the market and found that some calls sound great - for a while - but there was no consistency from call to call, or even throughout the brand. 

Some brands made good sounding box calls, but their pot calls weren't great. Some made great mouth calls, but their friction calls weren't good. Some made nice turkey calls, but couldn't make a deer call. Some had great deer calls, but their elk calls just didn't have what it took.

We're setting out to change all of that. 

Our calls are made from top-notch, USA-sourced materials by American craftsmen in the heart of the midwest. We're heavily focused on the turkey game at the moment - with big plans to bring fantastic waterfowl, predator, deer, and elk calls to the market. Our plan is to work with the best independent callers in the industry to get real feedback and make the best sounding calls for your money. 

We think it's critical to work with independent hunters and callers because we won't just "sponsor" someone to tell us what we want to hear. If you see someone promoting a Conquer Game Call - it's because they truly believe in the quality and the sound that call can make. Not because they're getting a paycheck to say nice things about us. 

We hope that you enjoy your Conquer Game Call and that it brings you many seasons of excellent performance. We'd love to see your harvest pictures - and even put them on the Conquer Wall. Just email them to hello {at} conquergamecalls.com or use the hashtag #conquergamecalls to show us! 

Good luck out there - be safe - and conquer! 

- Team Conquer