White Hat 3 Reed Ghost Cut Turkey Mouth Call

White Hat 3 Reed Ghost Cut Turkey Mouth Call

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Get him so close, you'll see the whites of his eyes.

The White Hat from Conquer Game Calls is a 3-reed turkey diaphragm call that's both easy to run and takes little air to blow.

The White Hat turkey mouth call has three reeds. The call has a center "ghost" cut and is a great call for making all-natural turkey sounds. The triple reed calls has two thin latex sheets with a prophylactic reed in between. The top latex reed features the traditional ghost-style cut for versatile calling. This call is very easy to blow with the ability to perform the full call spectrum with a caller that puts in the practice. Full-spectrum call that takes minimal air to blow.

Conquer White Hat 3 Reed Ghost Cut Specs:

  • 3-reed
  • Ultra-thin Latex with one prophylactic between
  • Classic Ghost Cut
  • Very Versatile Turkey Call
  • Perfect for all level callers